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Timeline 2nd-16th Century


2nd Century BCE

Chedi Dynasty

King Kharavela also known as Maha Meghavahana Kula of Chedi Dynasty ruled this area.

4th Century AD

Samudra Guptha

Samudra Guptha conquered major portion of this province.

498 - 1434

Kalinga Ganga Dynasty

Kalinga Ganga Dynasty ruled this Province.

611 - 615

Vengi Chalukya Kingdom

Kubja Vishnu Vardhan entered this area and founded the Vengi Chalukya Kingdom.


Kubja Vishnu Vardhan

Kubja Vishnu Vardhan donated Kaluva Konda to Brahmin Scholars.

639 AD

Huen Tsang

Huen Tsang visited the Buddhist Precincts. Bavikonda, Thotlakonda, Pavuralakonda, Dharlapalem, Sankaram, Vaisakha etc.Visakhapatnam was the main City for Kalingas till 7th Century.



Jayasimha-I constructed a village by name Sarva Siddhi in this province.

7th Century AD

Eastern Chalukyas



Eastern Chalukyas ruled this area between 7th and 11th century AD. King Vishnu Vardhana-I ruled this region (Kalinga) between 624 - 641 AD.

Kokkili founded aarate Chalukya Branch in this area and donated villages like Munjeru near Bhogapuram.


King Raja Raju Chola-I

King Raja Raju Chola-I (Thanjavur) defeated Eastern Chlukya King Vimaladitya and constructed a Stupa near Mahendra Giri.

10th & 11th Centuries

Chalukyas and Gangas

This area became bone of contention between Chalukyas and Gangas.


Modisetyy Pappyya

A merchant from Visakhapatnam Modisetyy Pappyya donated an eternal lamp to Bhimeswara Temple in Draksharamam (EG Dt), which was recorded on an inscription proving that Visakhapatnam was flourishing business centre in those days.


Ganga Dynasty

King Ananth Verma Choda Ganga of Ganga Dynasty ruled this region for 72 years. Some copper plate records of this dynasty are found in Visakhapatnam itself.


Cholas of Thanjavur

Cholas of Thanjavur have defeated southern Kalinga twice in 995 and in 1114.


Eastern Ganga Rulers

Eastern Ganga Rulers have constructed the Simhachalam Temple. 600 inscriptions of post 1098 were found in this temple. Chandanotsavam is celebrated every year on the third day of Vaisakha month.


Chalukya Kingdom

King Vijayaditya founded Elamanchili (Chalukya Kingdom)


Queen Lakshmi Devi

Queen Lakshmi Devi of Elamanchili made gifts to the Lord of Simhachalam.

1267 - 68

King Narasimha

King Narasimha of Ganga Dynasty renovated the Simhachalam Temple and built Pujastal, Mukha and Dance Mantapas.

13th Century


Kakatiya inroads into this area. Visakhapatnam name was mentioned in Kanyaka Puranam.

13th - 16th Century

Elamanchili Chalukayans

Elamanchili Chalukayans ruled over this area.


Western Chalukyan

Western Chalukyan military officers conquered Appikonda area.


First Telugu work on Agriculture

First Telugu work on Agriculture by name Sasyanandam was written by Donayamaathya at Simhachalam.


Anavema Reddy

Anavema Reddy subdued all these Provinces.

1385 - 1386

Kondaveeti Reddy Kings

Kondaveeti Reddy Kings came over this region upto Simhachalam.

1392 - 1417

Reddy rulers

Reddy rulers attacks this province.


Simhachalam Villages

Some villages with the present names were refered to the records of Simhacahalam.


Four kings

Telugu Cholas, Gangas, Reddys and Gajapathis quarelled for this area.


Elamanchili Visweswara Deva

Elamanchili Visweswara Deva conquered Reddys at Sarva Siddhi in a Noval Battle.


Vinnakota Peddanna

Vinnakota Peddanna has written Kavyalankara Choodamani, the first Rhetoric at Panchadhaarla.


Kapileswar Gajapathi

Kapileswar Gajapathi captured power from the Gangas and occupied this area.


Sri Krishna Devaraya

Sri Krishna Devaraya defeated the Kalinga King Pratapa Rudra Gajapathi and put up a Victory pillar at Potnur. He spent some time in Simhachalam and offered rich gifts to the Simhachalam Temple.



Sri Krishna Devaraya revisited Simhachalam. He gave back this region to Gajapathis after bonding their relationship with a marriage alliance.


Madalika rulers

Muslim Army killed all the Madalika rulers of this area at Chintapalle and occupied this area.

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