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Heritage Walks

These Walks help in creating awareness of that particular area to all participants.

Heritage Walks are conducted very often by the Visakhapatnam Chapter. These Walks help in creating awareness of that particular area to all participants. When a group of people go around a structure/precinct and share their knowledge with others, interest is generated all around and many people from nearby places join the group to share their knowledge, nostalgia and little unknown facts which may lead to understanding that particular place thoroughly.


A. Important personalities of the city will be invited to anchor the heritage walks which will cover two or three sites a day. The walks will include a brief talk on the subject at site together with distribution of information leaflets. On the spot 'Short-Term Plans of Action (STPA)' will be planned and discussed.

B. Listing of important documents, events and other issues will be made.

C. Some subjects for consideration:
i. Architecture, buildings, city planning information and their historical and architectural importance.
ii. Building as a craft- transformation through the ages, socio-cultural aspects also to be studied.
iii. Folk lore, arts, music and dance.
iv. Handicrafts of the region.
v. Festivals and customs of different societies of the region

D. Detailed documentation of important sites and events to be discussed with the Heritage Committee of VUDA. Publication of such documentation can be made later.

E. Students of architecture, History, Social Sciences, Photography, Fine Arts will be involved in single page documentation of various heritage items.

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