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Timeline 19th Century



Arsha Library

Paravastu Family established an Arsha Library.



Etikoppaka started making small utilities with Ankudu Wood.


Carn Wallace

British made arrangements for permanent settlement in Visakhapatnam. Under Administrative reforms Carn Wallace has started a Jail in the Fort area.

1802 - 1810

Pusapati Family


13th May

Pusapati Family taken this area from the British resold to the Godey family.

Collectorate was established. Hon. Leveston Granville Keith Murry was the first Collector.


Severe famine & London Missionery started

Between 1805 - 1807 severe famine hit Andhra Region. London Missionery started a Primary School which was later converted to Secondary School in 1845.



Pindaries robbed Northern Circars.


East India Company

East India Company took charge of the factory built by the Dutch in Bheemunipatnam.

1817 - 1856

Queen Lakshmi Devi

Queen Lakshmi Devi of Elamanchili made gifts to the Lord of Simhachalam.

1828 - 1903

Godey Narayana Gajapathi

Visakhapatnam Zamindari was under Godey Narayana Gajapathi.


Beautiful palace

Godey Suryanarayana Rao constructed a beautiful palace near Upputeru.


Nandana Samvatsara Karuvu


Russel Commission

Famine popularly known as NandanaSamvatsara Karuvu hit the region. Godey Suryanarayana Rao opened a Poor House to feed the victims of the famine at Visakhapatnam.

Russel Commission was appointed and according to its report Visakhapatnam was declared as a district and the collector was made an agent to the Governor.


Kakarlapudi Zamindars


Canadian Baptist Mission (CBM)

Kakarlapudi Zamindars revolt against the British who supported Godey Zamindars.

Canadian Baptist Mission (CBM) started an Anglo-Vernacular School which was inaugurated by the then Collector Arthur Freeje.


Roman Catholics


King George Hospital

Roman Catholics have started the first printing press. Bible was translated into Telugu and was printed twice.

The present King George Hospital was started as a Civil Hospital and in 1857 first Hospital Block was constructed with the donations from Maharajas of Vizianagaram and Bobbili and Godey family.


VT College


Regimental Cemetry

Pindaries envaded and looted the people.
Ms Arbutnot & Co., started a Jaggery Factory in Chittivalasa and later converted into a mill under the name of Ms. Arbutnot Industries Pvt. Ltd.
VT College was started by P Venkata Ramanayya.

Bishop Spencery consecrated the Regimental Cemetry - Morse Janua Vitae near present Jagadamba Jn. The Cemetry was in use between 1819 to 1880. Two Collectors John Smith (1824) and William Mason (1834) were buried here.


St. Aloysius School


Clock Tower

Clock Tower was constructed in Bheemunipatnam.

St. Aloysius School was started exclusively for Anglo-Indian children. It was named after its Chief Patron. The Chapel in the school was constructed during 1836-37 using Gothic Architecture.


Marine Trading

Reply & Co.,started Marine Trading in Bhimili with British Permission. Later East India Co., Grace Rallys Brothers and Boyce Driden started their branches.


Bhimili Imperial Bank

Bhimili Imperial Bank was established. That building is presently being used as Ocean View Guest House.


Andhra - 8 Districts



Andhra was divided into 8 Districts by East India Co., viz..Ganjam, Visakhapatnam, Godavari,Krishna, Nellore, Bellary, Kurnool and Kadapa.

Vizianagarama Maharajas started a school in Vizianagaram. From 1866 Matric Classes started. Later was converted into a secondary College in 1877 and in 1883 became a First Grade Degree College known as M.R.College.


Municipal Association


1st Nov

With the initiative of R Gajapathi Rao Municipal Association was formed which became a Municipal Council in 1866.

Indian Rule shifted from East India Company to British throne.


Hindu Reading Room

Hindu Reading Room with Library was started.


Mrs AVN College

Collector E Feni started the Anglo Vernacular school established with the School Inspector Grants. Later it was funded by Maharaja G N Gajapathi Row, P Venkata Swamy Naidu and the Maharajas of Vizianagaram and Bobbili for many years. Subsequently the school was converted into The Hindu College and affiliated to Madras University. The same college was finally christened as Mrs AVN College.


Sri Jagannadha Pantulu


Bhimili Dispensary

Bhimili Municipal Association came into existance and in 1866 became Municipal Coucil. The Population of Bhimili was 5912. This is the first Municipality in the State and second in the country. The first Chairman was Mr. Freedman and there were 12 members. In 1885 Sri Jagannadha Pantulu was elected as the first Telugu Chairman.

British have started a Bhimili Dispensary and handed it over to Minicipal Council in 1876.


Mental Hospital


Central Jail

A Hospital was started for mentally ill and was later named as Mental Hospital in 1877. The building was completed in 1871 with 96 beds.

Due to bad amenities in the Jail in Fort a new Jail was costructed in 23 acres and was inaugurated in 1878. In 1911 this became the Central Jail.


St. Petre's Church

Acchayamma of Godey Family married Ankitham Venkata Narasinga Rao. St. Petre's Church was constructed in Bhimili by the British. Canadian Mission started Canadian Baptist Church in Bhimili.


Civil and Sessions Court

Civil and Sessions Court was established.


Maha Raja School

Maha Raja School started in Bobbili. Roman Mission has started a school for girls near Waltair Railway Station.


Light House

The Light House was constructed in Bhimili.


D F Carmichael


4th November

D F Carmichael, the Collector of the District which includes Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Ganjam, prepared the District Manual.

A Cyclone hit the coast of Andhra devastating the coastal districts.

1871 - 1872

Ankitham Venkata Narasinga Rao Bahadur


E C G Thoman

Ankitham Venkata Narasinga Rao Bahadur was elected as Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and to Royal Geographical Society.

Dt. Judge E C G Thoman constructed a bungalow on top of Simhagiri. He used to ride a horse to come and go.


Sri Sarada Makuta Mudrakshara Sala

Sri Vinnakota Varahalu Setty started Sri Sarada Makuta Mudrakshara Sala(Printing Press).


Prince of Wales

The Signal Tower on the Dolphin's Nose Hill which was an old observatory destroyed by Cyclone.
A market was constructed by Vizianagaram Municipal Council. The name was changed to Prince of Wales Market at the time of his visit.
CBM Church was started in Bobbili.


Central Province


Anakapalle Municipal council

British prepared a report on Visakhapatnam, the Port of Central Province which was rejected.

Anakapalle Municipal council was established but accepted as First Grade Municipality in 1897.


Our Lady of Sacred Hearts

A Chapel on Ross Hill - Our Lady of Sacred Hearts was constructed which is also known as KondaGudi by Roman Catholic Church.


Telephone Exchange

First Telephone exchange was started with 50 lines in Visakhapatnam.


Veerayya Dora


Gurajada Srirama Murty Pantulu

Veerayya Dora of Rampa was killed by police which initiated the Freedom Fight against British in this region. Later Sambayya and Chandrayya were arrested along with 70 followers.

Sugar and Indigo factories were started on CBM Road in Bhimili.
A magazine by name Rajayogi was started in Vizianagaramm edited by Gurajada Srirama Murty Pantulu. The magazine was published for 11 years. A separate Printing press was established by Raja Ananda Gajapathi Raju for this pupose.


RCM Church


Harikatha Pitamaha

RCM Church was started in Vizianagaram. The First Forest Act was introduced by British. Telugu Harp an English weekly was published by Khilambi Ramanujacharyulu for one year.

Harikatha Pitamaha Adibhatla Narayanadasu performed his first Harikatha "Dhruvopakhyanam" in VenugopalaSwamy Temple Vizianagaram. He was born on 31-8-1864 and was honoured with a title "Harikatha Pitamaha" by Chellapalle Venkata Sastry in 1924.


Clock Tower


Saraswati Library

Vizianagaram Municipality constructed a 68 ft Clock Tower at the cost of Rs 5400/-.

Chintapalle Police station was attacked and burnt by Gudem people.

Chintapalle Police station was attacked and burnt by Gudem people.

Konda Dora Priests provoked tribals against the British by their preachings.

Telegraph office was established in Visakhapatnam.


Victoria Jubilee Park


Deputy Collectors

Victoria Jubilee Park was establisshed in 50 acres in the centre of Vizianagaram town spending Rs 8000/- by Divan Rao Bahadur P Jagannadha Raju.

RCM Church was established in Fort area of Visakhapatnam.

Deputy Collectors were appointed in Visakhapatnam District.


CBM Church


CBM Church

CBM Church was started in Vizianagaram.

CBM Church was started in Yelamanchili.


Freedom Struggle


Mrs A V N College

KD Peta Police station was gutted and police were killed by Freedom Fighters which inspired the Visakhapatnam region towards Freedom Struggle.

CBM Church was started in Palakonda.

Anglo Vernacular School was renamed as Mrs A V N College after recieving a grant of 1 lakh and a building fund of Rs 15.000/- from Ankitam Venkata Narasimha Rao in memory of his wife Acchayyamma.


13th August


21st August

Gurajada Apparao's KANYASULKAM the famous play was performed for the first time in Vizianagaram Maharaja Ananda Gajapathi Raja's theatre.

Madras-Calcutta Rly traffic started.


St. Joseph High Scool


Victoria Town Hall

St Joseph High Scool was started.

Victoria Town Hall was inaugurated on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations by Bobbili Raja. It was handed over to Visakha Municipality in 1904.


Kuruppam Market


CBM Church

Kuruppam Market.

CBM Church was establshed Visakhapatnam.


Godey Narayana Gajapathi


Turner Choultry

Godey Narayana Gajapathi was granted Knighthood by the British Raj.

Turner Choultry was constructed in the name of then Collector Henry Gribble Turner. Site was given by Godey Narayana Gajapathi Raju, Raja Ananda Gajapathi Raju donated Rs.10000 and Rs.33000 was collected from the public.


Ghosha Hospital


Hospital for Women

Ghosha Hospital was established in 2 acres land donated by G N G Raju.

A Hospital was started in Bobbili by Bobbili Raja for Women and Children.


RCM Church


CBM Church

CBM Church in Anakapalle was started.

RCM Church was started in Kothavalasa.


Jeypore forests

Jeypore forests have been recognised as Reserved Forests.

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